Throw Back Sessions


Great people with great minds are going to be the next movers and shakers. Why? ..well these youthful guys are not only giving you the best entertainment but they are giving back to the community.

Throw Back….

The Throw Back brand represents an exclusive dining experience with designers, musicians and artist from different genres all across Botswana. Come experience a contemporary lifestyle/art exhibition which will include the showcasing of sculptures, music, portraits, clothing designs and much more.

This is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative hence, a portion of the proceeds from this event will be used to assist a reputable charity organization in Gaborone.
The presentation of our service will present an appealing ambiance of musical art to the crowd with a combination of a band, Dj’s, designers, and artists, yoga, Thai massage, capo era dancing . This event shall set a showcasing platform for all types of artists involved in the entertainment and fashion industry.
Our long term goal is for this campaign concept to serve as a vehicle to deliver the latest trends in modern life styles, the arts and music. Photography and Film will be used to capture this event; visuals recordings will be used to produce a journal that will inform our target market and event sponsors about the event turnout.

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Live Music & Entertainment

The music for the day will be a combination of live music ranging from jazz to afro pop, dance hall/rhythm, to hip hop and r n b. Lounge music will be the predominant theme to compliment the environments ambiance. Dj’s are strictly playing vinyls.

Artist profiles:

Blain & Shay

Hometown: Gaborone, BW
Genres: Hip Hop / MOTSWAKO / RAP
Label: Proudly Indie
Members: Sandile Blain Ndlangamandla and Phongula Shay Dinonyane

Blain and Shay are a dynamic rap duo birthed of the pressure from Botswana based fans and industry heavy weights after a single they collaborated on left people asking for more of the same material form the two.

They are currently based in Gaborone, Botswana and have aspirations and the ambition as well as the talent to make it anywhere. Their music is inspired and influenced everyday life. They seek to integrate the art that is hip hop with the essence of being in every song they pour hearts in.

Born Sandile “Blain” Ndlangamandla and Motswasejane “Shay” Dinonyane, the two were brought together by a friend to the one and a cousin to the other in 2009 and have written, recorded and performed together since. The duo is regarded as part of the Botswana elite as far as lyricism goes and have grown from strength to strength since the release of their first collaborative single titled “Victory Lap”.

Much is to be seen for these two talents.


ometown: Ramotswa, BW
Genres: Reggae / Dancehall / Reggae
Members: Peater Bollen-lead guitar,Jullius Mbewe-keys/bass,Kago Moikabinyana-Drums


He recently released his hit single: SiN CiTy

Great Art

Art and Graph Exhibition, by various artists from Botswana, including photographers.

Food and Drinks

There will be great food and beverages for everyone.

and last but not least, good company. Let us all join in and give a helping hand. Listen to the jingle here: Throw Back 

Kenyans just got out of a painful ordeal of terrorism, My dear friend Aleem Jamal was shot by terrorist  at West Gate Mall in Nairobi. Throw Back Sessions is not only giving proceeds to Re Fa Ka Bone Caring Center, Ramotswa, but there will be a stall to donate to Victims that have gone through this tragic crisis. downloadcome, support and give back to a country.

Find out more by joining Throw Back Sessions  on facebook.

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