Interior design meets fashion

Interior design meets fashion design

What does Fashion have in common with Interior design? It is a fact that new trends in interior design often come from fashion and that is quite natural – we want to have the latest and the most interesting from the catwalks on our sofas and walls and curtains. We remember how the fusion trend and the Existence of interior fashion is carried out on “seasonally” requirements, i.e. depending on what fashion trends will be set for the new season.





Fashion designers are similar to interior designers in the fact that both of are looking to create new, interesting and eye catching designs.

Much like interior designers, fashion designers spend time deciding which colors will look best for their new design. As an interior designer I work around different trends that are contemporary with a traditional twist.



Basic color scheme from runway to interior space

The fashion trend today are based around : wedges, chunky jewelry , African prints on sunglasses, printed shoes, leather handbags, leggings, couture  new fashion with African twist. Traditional references continue to inspire. Animal prints – particularly big-cat spots – are a perennial favorite, and this season they’re scattered across flowing gowns and cocktail numbers.

Safari suiting is also back, with khaki jackets, crisp skirts and white shirts still holding appeal.

This season’s African also mixes ethnic prints, raffia-work, tribal sketches and intricate beading into a modish melting pot of ancient techniques and avant-garde ideas.



Printed cushions- direct translation

African fashion designers are greatly dominating as the inspirational go-to source for interior designers.  That dynamic nature of African designs has become one that is trendy and easily adaptable.  African fashion designs have been used in creating fashion trends and clothing that goes from casual, couture to home decorations.  There are so many things that you can gain via the pattern inspiration and the way material drapes, looks and feels.   These designs are beautiful because they are able to mingle with tribal art and meaningful symbols.

Today we can apply the same African inspired prints into a more simple, modern and contemporary interior design. As an African we should be very proud in our colorful yet inspiring art. I hope we can always carry this forward



Inspired fashion-inspired interiors



And that is how we get it from the runway to your homes.:)

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