Gems of Africa

I walked into Limkokwing as a proud alumnus and registered myself as Media for the Media Briefing. My Lectures were most proud to see that I had more than one skill acquired within two years after completion of my studies at Limkokwing University of Creative studies, in a BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture. This is one place I will always cherish and support towards a great future ahead.


“To create a global generation of creative professionals, highly competent and outstanding  in their capabilities , universal in their mind set, sincere in their Intentions who will be proactive in fostering greater understanding between the peoples of the world through cross cultural integration in content creation”

Limkokwing believes in education that :

  • Encourages students to make the impossible possible, to think beyond employ-ability
  • Motivates acquisition of new knowledge and expertise in new technology
  • Recognizes and celebrates creativity and innovation in all forms and functions
  • Breaks down out-dated mind set to arrive at 21st century innovation
  • Encourages students to be self -sufficient: to be enterprising.

The university is built on an:

  • Integrated academic- industry interface platform
  • To provide students with industry -focused and driven hands on learning experience.
  • To provide students with a learning environment that builds character and encourages talent and personality development.

The university is designed and equipped to respond effectively  to:

  • The national economic development agenda
  • National goal of building an innovative economy driven by creative workforce
  • enhance national competitiveness via an eco-systems that encourages and enables creative thinking
  • changing industry demands, practices, expectations and competition brought on by globalisation

Limkokwing students are highly motivated, highly competitive, highly skilled, highly charged, highly adaptive, highly enterprising and very tech-savvy. They have won competitions in LINKZ IT, E-Botswana News Set Design, Engineers Registration Board Logo Design and Best in Sports & Entertainment Competitions.

Limkokwing University 2013 had a number of 711 students graduating from different faculties. Out of these students 6 visually impaired students graduated  from the Special Needs Department. The students had preserved through all their challenges faced with their disability, with  the support of the university and the use of specialized equipment. The school offers Special Needs department with equipment such as; Braille Machines, Talking Calculators, Large Font Machines, Computer Installed Zoom Text Machine, Sara Reader and CCTV & Ruby Magnifier.

The students are now computer literate, and competent enough in terms of Business Management, Accounting and Business Planning. The following four students from Special Needs Department are already working.

  1. Otisile Kgole-Outright Engineering as Assistant Manager
  2. Elizabeth Gofhamodimo- Botswana Life Insurance as Marketing Officer
  3. Unami Sihamba- Wentzel Group of Stars as an accoutant
  4. Karabo Langa – Volunteer at Francistown Collage of Education as Instructor

Its no wonder that Limkokwing Students bring to the industry, government and society, skills in managing new media technology, and are great when it comes to problem solving.

On the 5th of September I was proud t be part of Media and watch the auspicious graduation ceremony.

The ceremony was officiated by the Minister of Youth Sports & Culture Honorable Shaw Kgathi. The Limkokwing Council &Faculty prominent government officials, Tertiary Education council senior officials as well as Ambassadors and High Commissioners from various embassies, Industry Advisers as well as local and International Industry Captains.

We were embraced by videos such as the “Tribute to His Majesty King Mswati III, Kingdom of Swaziland”  , Inaguration Of Mahathir Award for Global Peace, – Awarded to Nelson Mandela Former South African President has been awarded the Lifetime Campaigner for Peace and Freedom.  Limkokwing University Awards H.E Jacob Zuma with Honorary Doctorate In Humanity   We also watched a music video By HRH Princess Sikhanyiso the video of the song titled  ‘Hail Your Majesty’ was played at a ceremony to confer the King with an Honorary Doctorate at the university hall.

Of the King, she sings;“You are father, you’re a leader and a hero, exalted as the prince among the peoples, the splendor of your touch is magical, singing hail Your Majesty.”

Watch the video here:  HRH Princess Sikhanyiso -Hail Your Majesty

Princess Sikhanyiso is now employed at the University of Malaysia campus and her presence at the institution was described by the MC at the event as “an inspiration and a person who has added vibrancy to the university.

The Minister of Youth Sports & Culture Honorable Shaw Kgathi, said he was happy and proud to see 711 students graduate with 6 from Special Needs Department from a creative technology. He was glad to see that some of the students play a part in activities such as the Botswana Independence Film Festival,  Poverty eradication Projects, The Vision 2016 Initiatives, Presidents day Celebrations and many more. He mentioned that the graduates will fit well into the community without hustle.” The future is in your hands, go out to the industry and prove your innovation and creative skills.” he said. He aslo mentioned that he was looking forward to employ some of the students and that gems are not gold, diamonds or any other mineral, gems were the students from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

The ceremony went on well with students getting their scowls and others awarded with: Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Dr Limkokwing Award for Excellence, Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Dr Limkokwing Award for Leadership, University Colours for Ambassadorship Award, University Colours for Achievement in Sports Award, University Colours for Command Performance Award and Industry Award for Excellence.

For me, it was a great and memorable day and indeed you are always a winner at Limkokwing University.  For atudents aspiring great achievements in the future, Limkokwing is the University for you. For the Lectures who guide the students to the right path, you are always commemorated .

Congratulations to class of 2013.

” The Future is in your Hands”


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