Celebrating the best in culture, arts & crafts, fashion & live music

The African Market is a key event of the Entrepreneurship and Cultural Pride Expo (ECPE)

African art is a term typically used for the art of Sub-Saharan  as the art of the North Africa areas along the Mediterranean coast has long been part of different traditions and for more than a millennium has mostly formed part of  Islamic art although with many particular characteristics.

Not long ago, there was an African Market at Bojanala Water Front where art was an understatement. There were creatives  from Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola, South Africa. This event has created market for  textiles, hand-made products, food, jewelry, make-up artists, artists and spa’s. This was not just a  place to buy and sell but it brought people together and share different cultures.  A place for everyone, young and old. The atmosphere was serene by the cool, calm waters.

I who had a stall with Lucky Charm Graffiti & Art Exhibition  enjoyed it and amazed at how open minded people are to new ideas. I hope to see more creatives come together and showcase their lovely products.  It was a go-to-place where you could get locally made products for an affordable price.  Further more the entertainment was good from Traditional dancers to Hip-hop and of course our own Cedric David Ncube   “the entertainer”.   If you are looking for suppliers for your specialty shops or restaurants,  people to network with then this was the place to be.  If you wanted to taste food from different countries then this was a definite place to go.

For more information check out ;The African Market – ECPE 

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