The blooming flower

299022_10151363495003809_941365593_n“Hello, i brought ingredients to bake a red-velvet cake to sell at the African Market.” I said, “Am so excited, well am going for Miss universe meeting, and when I get back, I will help you bake.” replied Boitumelo

Beauty does not only express the outer layer but its also within.

 I met Boitumelo at a friends house, the moment I spoke to her I knew that she was and will always be a aspiring person.  Indeed that day she was in it to win it, she did come home and helped with the baking.  DSCN7088 For me she is more than a friend, she lifts me up when am down and what I love the most she is a go-to girl. She is creative, intelligent and ready to help whenever she can.

We were chatting over some great pizza at Pizeria In Mogoditishane, introduced to us by our friends Keb and Dugu. I must say it was amazing, until some kids run along and one was blind and it took a moment to  finish the slice . Thoughts  about changing the world came into mind. Suddenly Boitumelo broke my silence and said, “We cant change the world but we can try and make it a better place.” I looked at her strangely as to how she could read my mind but I shrugged, and waited for her to continue. And this is her story….

“Hello everyone my name is Buitomelo Kanedi, I am young, open minded individual,  I am an alumna from University Of Botswana, majored in Business and Marketing. and  member of the Gaborone Lions Club.

Founded in 1917, we are best known for fighting blindness, but we also volunteer for many different kinds of community projects – including caring for the environment, feeding the hungry and aiding seniors and the disabled.”

400897_10201045753567424_1285139467_n 936292_10201045751727378_1303881354_n l club 984248_10201045757287517_373954480_n “I love the idea of giving back to the community, I would like to think that if was in need, people would do the same for me. At the Lions club I have been involved in different activities, especially with the youth. Our community projects often support local children and schools- through scholarships, recreation and mentoring. Internationally, we offer many programs, including the Peace Poster Contest, Youth Camps and Exchange and Lions Quest. 734041_10200656512676645_1001292884_n

Our youth programs make growing up safer and healthier. Through Lions Quest we bring crucial life skills to more than 12 million children in classrooms around the world. We cultivate capable and healthy young people of strong character through comprehensive, positive youth development.

We bring young people together. Our Leo clubs provide youth volunteer  services,that inspire and support leadership in young people ages 12 to 30 by giving them the chance to learn, grow and serve by participating in community service projects.

We enhance their lives. Every year, thousands of young people travel around the world to learn about cultures, customs and friendship through our Youth Camp and Exchange Program.

And we help them share a message of peace. For decades, the Peace and Protest  Campaigns has helped more than four million young people express their creativity, their aspirations and their hopes for the world.”

We giggle and talk more and I was very Intrigued by her story. I asked her about her other hobbies. She blushes a bit but continues to say… “Its photography. Its been my passion for as long as I can remember and ever since I got this Camera I click away. Some of my Pictures tell a Story, some are random but captivating pictures.

931421_10200950610428905_1808366414_n 942801_10200950602948718_1679687972_n 375091_10200950603388729_1332650885_n 542116_10200172588178835_2024679144_n 931273_10200950593148473_1078699624_n 165426_10201018342522165_2121331251_n I had gone through most of her pictures and I must say they are outstanding.

” Apart from photography, what else has been keeping you busy?” I asked her.  “Modelling actually.” she replied. She gives briefly about modeling.

217810_335800656509771_14118096_n 309126_335799993176504_861830332_n 420171_335799863176517_668649096_n 603487_335798069843363_839902119_n ” I am tall and do get stared at by many people in town to the point where I have learnt to embrace it. I started modelling at an early age of 17, I would do mini shows that needed tall girls.  When I got more exposure I joined First Model Agency and my passion for modeling grew.  I am found of all other aspiring models, trainers and people around me who give me the  boost. I became more found of modelling when I went to London with BLACKTRASH Clothing, It was a great experience and from that day I have been able to walk-the-walk with uttermost confidence. I thank First Models Academy & Agency Management Botswana and  BLACKTRASH Clothing and parents who have been forever supportive.

“Now  that you are a Miss Universe Botswana Finalist, how do you feel and what is your next step?” I asked her..

” I am grateful to have reached where I am now, Prayers has been my path, God is always first with everything I do, and everyone should have Him in every journey they start. I have had great support from family and Friends. I have grown to know each contestant and its one bi My next step is to take this not as much as a challenge  but an opening to a great start and future. I will take it Gracefully, as I always say, ‘each moment is a place you have never been.'”

1000580_447792045335290_1427048827_n  994568_447800908667737_1491504387_n 1095090_447811452000016_1637466040_n

I was content with her story, am sure you will also feel the same way. With that I wish the blooming flower never to wilt.

Find more info on voting for this beautiful girl follow the link, like the page Boitumelo Kaneli -the next Miss Universe Botswana

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