Soulful Song Bird

me 3“Soulful-ethnic-love-music” is the melody Mpho Sebina serenades her audience with. With a soulful voice and resolute lyricism skills. After completing university in Malaysia,she went on to pursue her music. Giving it greater attention than she had before. With a hands on approach to her art, she leaves no stone unturned when recording or performing.

The genre of soul music is a form of self-expression used by artists to communicate their inner thoughts and emotions. It is a way of life for many passionate artists, an avenue through which they express feelings and communicate to the outside world.

Mpho is a very talented and passionate vocal artist. She said that her passion for music started in her early years, almost a decade ago. Recently, revellers gathered at President Hotel in the heart of Gaborone for an unforgettable night of soul music. Mpho Sebina sang the night away in what can perhaps be defined as a night of smooth serenading sounds at “Jazz Exchange” with RMC. Jazz exchange a platform for the rawness of a live show and is an event which featured her music from her upcoming album in October 2014. Her influences include Sade, Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman and Amel Larrieux.

A description of Mpho Sebina’s music in simple terms is more of a fusion of soul, jazz, RnB and Afro pop. Her classic songs like “Black Butterfly”, “Souls are Searching” and “Loves Light” which were served to the audience in generous portions are some of the tracks that left the audience begging for more as they just couldn’t get enough of her.

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Mpho  is in the process of recording tracks for her upcoming untitled album, which will be released in 2015. Songs such as “Souls are searching” and “Loves light” are some to look out for. She is currently working with BFG ( Big Friendly Giants, Bnote, Favi and Grand Pa) on the upcoming album. Songs about “life and love”, singles produced by Favi, are what to expect.

Chantty natural is another producer she worked with prior to the album. Although none of her material has been released yet she is performance driven. Her more prominent performances
have been for the “Throwback Sessions” a charitable and fundraising event.

Here are some of her videos on youtube.

Mpho Sebina graced the stage at the Gaborone International Music Festival that took place on the 4th of April at Serokolwane Farms. Amongst the artists who performed alongside her were Atjazz, also known as Martin Iveson, HHP, Jimmy Dludlu’s, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Louis Mhlanga. She is growing and she will definitely steal you heart and take it to another place all together.

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