Hip-Hop Sovereignty

BDoctor beat was a famous song by Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine which described how her feet could not resist the good feeling from the music and she called for Dr. Beat to rescue her. That is exactly what you feel when you hear what B-reign has to offer, interesting enough he is a medical practitioner and Hip-hop artist at the same time.

Bryan “B-Reign” Mwendwa was born in Mombasa Kenya and his family moved to Botswana in the late 90’s where he discovered music. I had heard of Bryan but I wanted to know more about his intriguing, multi-tasking life.Like many other artists, Bryan discovered music at an early age; he loved it but never actually thought he would do it. He discovered music in Junior High school, “My friend Taz used to write lyrics, I used to write poetry to the ladies, so we used to compete in writing lyrics/raps.” says Bryan

The rhythmical duo only wrote music but they never rapped. In Senior High, he met Ed who saw the lyrics and thought they were really good. He told Bryan that he should go ahead and rap. Ed always had an interest in rapping and free-styling with that he supported his friend to go ahead and just do it!“Ed, Taz and I started rapping and it came naturally” articulates, Bryan who spoke with so much contentment, which brought great memories indeed. He continues to say, “I had a book full of songs but never rapped.” After a while the group linked up with more friends who had similar talents and called the group syphaglifiqz. Most of them were from Ledumang except Dnice who was from GSS.

They were habituated to their talents that they free-styled during breaktime and lunchtime, it was more than just a clique, it was brotherhood. Bryan took a chance and entered the Sprite competition and won from then on he took on the music industry head on. In 2004 Bryan had to leave to Russia to pursue his degree in Medicine. The doctor in the making did not stop his musical lifestyles. He learnt Russian in two years and is fluent in the language. With his new skill he managed to get around, his goal was to record some music but he had to start of us a club mc. He then got scouted by some artist, he knew that this was going to be his big move and he was going to make his musical journey prosper.

He managed to get a team and the journey began and got bigger in time. I asked him why the name B-reign, “It was initially Brain, I used to do science raps then math raps, then I was told to split B-reign…I was not going to spit about sciences forever.” says Bryan.  It made a lot of sense.Juggling school and gigs was not easy but he managed. The tricky gigs were out of town or out of the country. Bryan never had any re-take and never failed in his studies.His best moments during a performance was; with a band and there was a crowd of 70,000 in attendance. A festival called Ale Parusa, a high school leavers’ carnival and concert at the palace square St. Petersburg. B-reign managed to work with artists such as Guru, Fredo Starr, Mc solar. He has managed to curtain raise acts such as Busta Rhymes, Dj Premier, Onyx, G-unit, M.O.P, Naughty by Nature and other artists.

M.O.P Concert

IMG_20140123_00113040 IMG_20140123_00112858 IMG_20140123_00112929 IMG_20140123_00112956

ONYX Concert

IMG_20140123_00114912 IMG_20140123_00114825 IMG_20140123_00114731

In 2005 he dropped his first single. A year later he got signed to MDU Records and started his debut album. His debut album was completed in 2007. In 2008 B-reign left MDU Records for professional reasons and has released the album digitally.

Bryan “B-reign” graduated from Med school in July 2011 and continues to pursue his career in Medicine and Music.

Watch his latest hits here:

The man with a big heart, determination and a great career ahead of time-B-REIGN. Like his facebookpage B-REIGN

One thought on “Hip-Hop Sovereignty

  1. Awesome Bio…Awesome Brother…Awesome Writer…Awesome Rapper. Very Proud Of The Moves He Makes And Proud To Call Him My Brother.And Very Humbled He Still Considers Me One Regardless Of State Distances And Borders….SYPHAGLIFIQZ Thru Infinity

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